Welcome to my website, which is dedicated to the art of Diagramming. My name is Paul Cooper and I’m a Solutions Architect. A major part of my job is creating Solution Architecture Diagrams for the designs I create. With a background in Graphic Design, and in Technology,  I find creating diagrams and documentation is the best part of my job!

After spending so many years creating Technology Diagrams I started to think about explaining other concepts and subjects using diagrams. I found that diagramming can be great way of explaining many complex ideas and difficult subjects.

Some people are ‘visually minded‘ and seem to understand the diagrams quickly. Others, who are normally ‘word minded’,  like to have things explained with words and seem to baulk at any kind of diagram. I find using a combination of both these approaches can make complex concepts and ideas much easier to explain and communicate. There is a third type of person, those who learn and understand aurally – by listening to explanations and descriptions.

Whatever your ‘learning style’ I hope you find the diagrams useful and informative.

I love a challenge, so if you want to challenge me with something please get in touch.

Paul Cooper