Apple launched their Apple Music service a few years ago now, but how it works is really a bit of a mystery to most people. A combination of DRM (Digital Rights Management), iCloud Music Library, iTunes Match and ‘Family Sharing‘ make it quite a complex thing to describe.

At the heart of Apple Music is the Apple ID. It ties everything together. If you Apple ID is screwed, your iCloud Music Library will be!

The problem Apple have really been solving relates to it’s legacy offerings in iTunes, trying to introduce new things and technology without breaking what’s already been achieved – and everyone’s music collection, and at the same time keeping the Record Labels and Artists happy! That’s not an easy thing to do.

As a musician myself I’m also conscious of poor deal that Artists get from Apple, although in fairness Apple are not the ‘worst’ for this. If you really care about an Artist and want to support them it’s better to purchase a CD from them (if they have created one) or actually Purchase the Song from the iTunes Store. Artists get paid ‘per 1000 listens’ when Songs are streamed but get more if you actually Purchase an Album or Song from the iTunes Store. It’s not a lot of cash for what is often a lifetime of creativity, practice, dedication and effort. Even better, support your Artists on if they are there.

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