Group Identity Politics – ‘Inverted Fascism’

It seems to me that we are in a world where socialist ‘Identity Politics’ rules. Anyone who opposes the ‘Group Identity‘ (whatever flavour it is) is wrong and must be rejected by all – and also pay a price for their ‘wrongness’. It is increasingly difficult to have opposing views, and anyone that dares to challenge the ‘Group Identity’, has to be rejected by all and pay a severe price. This ‘Identity Politics’  is a kind of ‘inverted fascism‘, (instead of originating on the ‘right’, it comes from the ‘left’ – a kind of extreme socialism). My diagram uses ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ rather than naming any ‘particular Identity‘. The concept is the same. 

I first came in contact with these concepts when I came across Jordan B Peterson. His book ’12 Rules for Life – an antidote to chaos’ is a challenge to this ‘Identity Politics’ inverted fascism. 

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The whole Brexit disaster on one page.. (March 2019)

Today was supposed to be ‘Brexit Day’, but due to nearly 3 years of bumbling incompetence and selfish political ‘point scoring’, selfish ambition and greed we’ve ended up in chaos. Whether you are ‘pro Europe’ or ‘pro Brexit’ you simply can’t deny the whole thing has made the UK in general, and UK Politics in particular look utterly foolish and incompentent. It’s a sad day for Democracy and the UK. 

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You do not represent me!

In today’s news we saw a terrorist walk into two mosques in New Zealand and kill 49 people. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you believe, there is no justifcation for such an act of violence. So whether you are a ‘Religious Terrorist’ or a ‘Non-Religious Terrorist’ you do NOT represent me and you do not represent God. Your hatred and murder is disgusting to both God and Mankind.

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Inappropriate influence in UK Politics

With the whole Brexit debacle coming to a climax I thought I would diagram out just one of the many things that are wrong with UK politics. In my opinion it’s fundamentally wrong for a politician to be a position of influence over Government Policy that directly affects the prosperity of a company or business that they happen to be involved with. Their greed and self interest has to affect their decisions. 

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How Authorised Push Payment Fraud works – and how the banking system seems to help it.

In recent months there’s been a lot in the media about bank fraud. As online banking technology and security becomes better the fraudsters are turning to Social Engineering to steal money from innocent people. They have become very good at impersonating bank employees and persuading (often elderly and vulnerable) people to make an ‘Authorised Push Payment’, or ‘APP’.  Basically this is tricking someone into sending them money.

Obviously some people are pretty gullible and perhaps naive when it comes to spotting a convincing and sophisticated criminal fraud, but increasing, savvy and intelligent people are falling victim because the fraudsters have become very good at their ‘craft’.

My point is this: In order to send money to another person you have to know (or be told) very specific details about the Destination Account of that person, the Sort Code, Account Number and of course the Amount.

Unbelievably the banks do NOT check the Account Name during the transfer process. Even if you mistype a digit during the process it’s YOUR fault and the bank will NOT refund the money. This makes it very easy for fraudsters to steal money. The banks must do much more to tighten up the Authorised Push Payment system to stop it being so vulnerable.

Why can’t the banks, when a fraud like this takes place simply trace and return the money to the victim, especially when the bank accounts used are based in the UK?

Unfortunately, it seems that the banks are not great at keeping the current IT systems running, let alone developing and running new ones to combat APP fraud.

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You’ve Offended Me!!

A bit complicated this one! and far from ‘complete‘, but I wanted to tackle a the subject of ‘Offence’.

I was listening to a caller on a Talk Radio program (probably LBC Radio – Nick Ferrari) and it soon became obvious that this person was enraged and offended! I started to ask myself why, and what is the mechanism that makes people ‘offended’ to the point of ranting and being aggressive?

It was also clear that this person’s ‘offence’ had been ‘taken’ from exaggerated sources (like Social Media or the Media in general – ‘Fake News’ et al).

Of course some are SO offended by things that they actually want to kill you for having an opinion on a certain subject.

It seems to me that some people, perhaps increasingly so,  live their lives in a constant state of ‘offence’. They are perpetually ‘offended’ and it takes virtually nothing for them to become angry and ‘offended’ to the point of being verbally or physically aggressive.

There are others who are simply after some cash! There is an entire INDUSTRY created to amplify and promote offence in order to generate money. Any offended person who can get into court will make a LOT of money for themselves, and of course, for the legal people involved. Court Case = Big Money.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all have more of an ‘Intellectual Response’ to offence?

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