The Paradise Papers – How the Economy works and seems so unfair!

I created this diagram last year after the ‘Panama Papers’ scandal hit the news. Now we have the ‘Paradise Papers’ as well I thought it was time to publish it.

It’s clear that there’s enough wealth in the world to meet the needs of everyone on the planet, if the 1% mega-rich just pay their fair share – instead of hiding their wealth away from the tax man.

The diagram also shows how obscene ‘Austerity‘ is! Making us pay back debt, to who – and why?

Yesterday in the UK was ‘Children in Need‘ day. Although I fully support this, and donate to it, why in a modern society like the UK do children’s hospices like Haven House (and many others) have to rely on charitable giving to support children and young people with life-limiting illness? When you think about it, it’s utterly disgusting.

Are we so utterlybroke‘ that we can’t even look after dying and sick children properly???

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