It seems to me that we are in a world where socialist ‘Identity Politics’ rules. Anyone who opposes the ‘Group Identity‘ (whatever flavour it is) is wrong and must be rejected by all – and also pay a price for their ‘wrongness’. It is increasingly difficult to have opposing views, and anyone that dares to challenge the ‘Group Identity’, has to be rejected by all and pay a severe price. This ‘Identity Politics’  is a kind of ‘inverted fascism‘, (instead of originating on the ‘right’, it comes from the ‘left’ – a kind of extreme socialism). My diagram uses ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ rather than naming any ‘particular Identity‘. The concept is the same. 

I first came in contact with these concepts when I came across Jordan B Peterson. His book ’12 Rules for Life – an antidote to chaos’ is a challenge to this ‘Identity Politics’ inverted fascism. 

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