During the day I work as a Solutions Architect. It’s always a challenge to ensure that I design the things my customers actually asked for and want! To help with this I created a methodology I call the ‘Design Triangle‘.

As Technologists we tend to dive straight into the ‘detail’, hide ourselves away, and then come up with something nobody wanted in the first place (usually after spending a lot of time and money in the process). it is better to:

Understand –  Design – Communicate.

The most important aspect of the design process is COMMUNICATE.

If I make a mistake with a Design, it is not an issue as long as I have communicated this to my Customers and to my Technology peers. They will quickly correct me, and help me to understand better, and in turn, create a perfect design.

I may have to ‘go around the triangle’ a few times to get the design perfect, but at least I will know that the solution is what is actually needed, and can be delivered technically.

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