by | Nov 19, 2017 | Creating Diagrams | 0 comments

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few Diagramming Tools, including Microsoft Visio, Omnigraffle etc. I really like LucidChart as it enables me to create diagrams exactly how I want them. Microsoft Visio (like quite a few other Microsoft products) seems to make the assumption it knows what you really want to do, and it takes over and edits the diagram for you. This is terribly annoying! I guess it might help a few people, but for me, I know exactly where I want every element to go, I don’t need Visio moving things around and changing them for me.

For me, LucidChart is the perfect combination of simplicity and capability for diagram creation.

Recent Update! LucidChart have now created a way to search for Folders as well as Documents. This was a real problem for me in the past, which has now been fixed. Great Work LucidChart. Thanks. 

Please click on the diagram below to open it  | Hover over the diagram to magnify it.