A bit complicated this one! and far from ‘complete‘, but I wanted to tackle a the subject of ‘Offence’.

I was listening to a caller on a Talk Radio program (probably LBC Radio – Nick Ferrari) and it soon became obvious that this person was enraged and offended! I started to ask myself why, and what is the mechanism that makes people ‘offended’ to the point of ranting and being aggressive?

It was also clear that this person’s ‘offence’ had been ‘taken’ from exaggerated sources (like Social Media or the Media in general – ‘Fake News’ et al).

Of course some are SO offended by things that they actually want to kill you for having an opinion on a certain subject.

It seems to me that some people, perhaps increasingly so,  live their lives in a constant state of ‘offence’. They are perpetually ‘offended’ and it takes virtually nothing for them to become angry and ‘offended’ to the point of being verbally or physically aggressive.

There are others who are simply after some cash! There is an entire INDUSTRY created to amplify and promote offence in order to generate money. Any offended person who can get into court will make a LOT of money for themselves, and of course, for the legal people involved. Court Case = Big Money.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all have more of an ‘Intellectual Response’ to offence?

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